is dedicated to sharing the unsung stories of struggling residents across the United States whose voices don't get the attention they merit; soon enough Dominium shows up your neighborhood as a "defender of the poor" which they are anything but, and then it's all too late. 

They know that their residents lack the ability to get attorneys to assist them, but it's not about the people they "serve"--it's clearly about the money they gain in raising dense apartment complexes with high margins and huge tax credits via LIHTC with the federal government. They simply serve themselves and their residents bear the consquences! Spread the word on

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Surprise, Arizona residents are counting down the days to their City Council vote on a new development that Dominium Apartments is adamantly forcing through--local residents are prepared to show up in large numbers to represent the future residents who can't speak for themselves, wearing blue in unity on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Read more.

Countdown to the Surprise City Council hearing on Dominium's proposal Tuesday, August 16, 

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