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A virtual Kickoff event for Kevin's campaign will be hosted on Zoom Monday, April 22nd at 8 pm.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Up to 100 people can attend the live Zoom meeting, so register for your spot today here:

You can still watch LIVE without registering. The event will be livestreamed at the following locations:
* Kevin Sartor's YouTube Channel: ( )
* Arizona's Voice Facebook Group: ( )

You can watch a replay at the sites above too.





Zoom, YouTube Livestream, and Facebook Livestream (see information above)


Virtual Event, see information above to register or watch the livestream.

5 ways to help...

This is a grassroots effort, which means we each need to make an effort in any one or more of the following 5 ways in order for us to get someone who will properly represent us and set the right tone for the City of Surprise for the next 4 years. Remember the election for Mayor is very early this year, July 30th


For this short 3-month period stay closely up to date on activities and ways you can help Kevin to help Surprise by getting elected Mayor.



As a grassroots effort, and with so much ground to cover this doens't happen without your help. Click below for volunteer sign ups.


Show Up

Being there at some of the events Kevin will be at to meet him, ask questions, or talk to other voters is very helpful.



Many people giving in smaller amount of $10-$20 works wonders for the few material needs of the campaign (signs, car magnets, etc.).



Follow/Like Kevin on: 
InstagramFacebookX (Twitter)
Every small bit of support there helps get the message out!


Countdown to Electing a new Mayor in Surprise

For those wanting Kevin Sartor to be your next mayor, there are two key ways to show support:
    #1. Wearing a virtual "button" by joining the public list "I'm voing for Kevin" (click here)
    #2. Staying up to date with the latest information on yard signs, events, and more by joining Kevin's email list through Google groups (click here) and/or use this app

We will also continue to provide updates here at  through the July 30th election day--called "Primaries" but they are FINAL VOTES for the City offices--don't be caught sleeping!

For those who can, many donations will help with some of the material needs like yard signs and magnets (rather than a few large donors, we hope hundreds to participate with mirco-donations of $10-20--we know most can't do much more--we're just trying to get the message out on a shoestring budget, nothing more). That's why your words and public support will do amazing things far beyond what money can by and so much more than you might imagine, so

#3 connect and follow Kevin on his various social media pages listed below and linked from his website

      Facebook | Instagram | X (aka Twitter) | LinkedIn

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Kevin Sartor Campaign Calendar

Follow the calendar links below to get updates on upcoming events throughout the campaign.

NOTE: A virtual Kickoff event for Kevin's campaign will be this coming Monday, April 22nd at 8 pm. Watch here for more details on how to participate including Q&A opportunities, links to the livestream, and ways to watch it later.

Kevin's campaign kickoff video from April 15th is posted here on Facebook:

Increased Sales Tax in Surprise!!!--prepare to SHOW UP on Tues., Jun 4th, 6 pm.

Thankfully, after a lively debate in Council Chambers by our City Council on Tuesday, April 2nd, all present at least realized (for compliance purposes) before any vote could be taken, a 60-day public notice needs to go about about the proposed increased City Sales Tax--to move it up from 2.2% to 2.8%. Supposedly to "soften the blow" and attempt to "tax the more rich" (because we don't and still won't charge a sales tax on food--because that's all that poorer people need to buy, LOL), they are combining it with a reduction of 25% in primary property taxes. Remember, our current secondary property tax rate was just solidified to remain unchanged (cannot go down) over the next 25 years due to the November bonds for $66M (roads) and $44M (public safety) that Surprise just passed months ago.

Public Notices are located at the VERY BOTTOM of the Surprise City Webpage--the webpage is written very poorly, so you'll have to go to this link and then search for this one posted on Thursday, April 4th: "Notice of Intent to Increase Certain Transaction Privilege Tax Rates"

The city also posted this Public Notice on Social Media, and you can read and react immediately there:

NOTE: Jack Hastings righfully noted that to balance the upcoming 2025 budget, the city should at least consider a reduction in expenses--which the City managers did not.
Tax games are very dangerous
--remember Boston Harbor!

Here's Jason Stone's article in the Surprise Independent (or click "read more" below):,488490

An article about that debate is here by Shawn Raymundo in Arizona Republic, but it left out many of the council members and mayor mentioning a recent "retreat" where they all spoke about this proposed tax ahead of April 2nd, and also failed to point out the legal concerns raised by R. Massie during the public hearing portion. 
(Subscription Required):

2 Mayoral Candidates on the ballot in Surprise.

Thanks for getting the word out and pointing all your friends here to Kevin was able to submit on April 1st a grand total of 1,188 signatures. 297 on paper and 891 e-Signatures.

Voice of Suprise / Arizona's Voice calendar

Below is a calendar of events, meetings, and service opportunities, where having citizens present and active matters. Please have a look at each calendar entry for details (particularly City Council ones--they very often have agenda items of interest). Please volunteer for the Service activities in the community also where you can. Watch for regular updates to the calendar below.

Latest Highlight: Tuesday, April 16 City Council meeting with 3x votes on PADs and rezoning affecting District 1 (northwest Surprise)

April 1st was the deadline to sign

Thanks for everyone partipating in helping those candidates below seeking to get on the ballot!

People were able to do so this year with this link where you can see for yourself whose petitions you're eligible to sign by entering that same site generically here:

NOTE: If you don't know if you're in LD25 or LD29 go here:
If you don't know what district you are in for City of Surprise, go here:

Kevin Sartor (Mayor)

Veteran and Experienced Leader

Click to visit

Earle Greenberg (District 2)

Sun City Grand Board Member and Studio Owner

Earle indicated he already has his ballot petition signatures in. You can click here for his LinkedIn profile. More to come.

Patrick Duffy (District 3)

Current District 3 Councilemember

Click here to visit his District 3 webpage

Nick Kupper (LD25 House)

Veteran and Experienced Leader

Click here to visit

Allison Wisniewski (District 3)

Veteran Resource Specialist

Recently learned Allison's activiely gathering signatures. You should see the option online when you log in to sign. Link below is to her LinkedIn page until I can find a different site.

Johnny Melton (District 4)

Involved with Dysart School District and LD29 Republicans

With one person backing out and no one else stepping forward, Johnny, a great volunteer in the community has put himself forward to prevent an appointmetn for District 4. Click here for a direct link to get him enough signatures to be on the ballot.

You're unbelievable!!! ... 110% = 5,509 signatures

September 16, 2022
We had hours upon hours of time taken by volunteers to reach out to our community for support, and in just 15 days:

* 125 unique volunteers submitted signature sheets
* 5,509 signatures were collected and notarized with a requirement of 3,114
* Tomorrow will we submit 177% of the required signatures for this referendum

As we reflect on this journey together, two things come to mind:
* Take back time again to spend with your families and loved ones enjoying your time with them
* Get back to serving in our community as you've done before or maybe as you've been longing to do more of going forward

The poor representation by our city leadership has been extremely disruptive to our lives--for some of us dating back well over a year ago now. The citizens of Surprise would not have been required to submit this referendum were it not for this lack of representation in the chambers of our City Hall. We have more to do in this area together; this referendum has taught us how we can make those impacts, and we will take the necessary actions in order to give place again for the voice of the people to direct our city government in Surprise.

In the meantime, love your families, your friends, and give back to our community in the many ways you have and will continue to do. Thank you for showing us all what a great force for good we can be together, and that no enemy can silence the Voice of Surprise.

Click here for info to Donate or Help at your local Food Bank -- the need is 4x what it was a year ago!!!

Progress to 5000+

Updated Friday, September 16, 12:47 am

NOTE:  Thanks for all your financial help in getting past our goal of $3000 to get packets prepared and printed. We ended up spending all of that and a little more for 130 additional copies made. Our site is still up here for those many of you who have offered to help. Some funds may get applied to our next venture as the Voice of Surprise--otherwise it will be used to help a local food bank.


Fri. Sept. 16 - 454 of 334 (136%) packets needed for 5000 signatures distributed.


405 of 454 Returned & Notarized Packets


5509 of 5000 (110%)  signatures Notarized & Returned

You might want to know a bit more about Dominium who will be building and managing these apartments...

Learn more at

Let's get to 5000+ by Thurs. Sept. 15th

Click here for "The Facts"

We are uniting as a community to drive Dominium to provide a better alternate proposal for their future residents with lower density and more amenities--instead they wish to exploit an accidental loophole in the 2008 PAD and maximize their profit under Section 42 and LIHTC with a whopping 21 units per acre--that's way above anything this City has ever seen--just to maximize profits with no consideration for the safety, comfort, and living experience of its future residents. This kind of density will be dangerous to public safety and emergency response and there are no plans to add more schools which are already overcrowded in our area.

On August 16th (
thanks to those who showed up) our City Leaders said yes to Dominium. We only have 30 days from that date and the referendum CAN STOP IT but we need everyone's help gathering signatures together to do it. PLEASE TAKE OUT A SIGNATURE SHEET. 

On Jun 16th the P&Z Commission Meeting (thanks to those who attended) said they couldn't vote against this because the law didn't let them.

You can still contact your City Council Member, and let them know that the people of Surprise will no longer tolerate our leadership not listening to us. Get your neighbors and friends to sign the referendum TODAY so we send a clear message back to City Hall that their power and authority lies with us, the people.

Sign Here & Volunteer to help us get 5000 by FRIDAY (Sept. 16th) of your signatures on the referendum to get the vote back to the people.
high rise buildings city scape photography

What has Dominium been saying about YOU and our City Leaders? The Phoenix Business Journal tells us...

Despite Dominium grossly abusing an unintended loophole allowing them under the 2008 PAD Zoning to put have 15-21 units per acre, they are pushing the max at 21.

"Despite our best efforts to work with the community, we feel the city has created roadblocks to us utilizing the existing PAD zoning and that we are not being treated equitably compared to other projects with similar PAD zoning approvals from the same era," [Owen] Metz [of Dominium] said. "Instead, the city's actions appear to be more of a direct response to strong NIMBYism — not the fair and equitable application of zoning laws."

"Dominium hitting glitches with Surprise" by Angela Gonzalez - Phoenix Business Journal

Wednesdays 9 pm Zoom calls: 
After Sept. 16th, we'll plan to meet weekly at 9 pm (so we can give our kids the evenings they deserve) while we determine a path forward for our group and monitor the referendum status too. Meeting links will be posted here below at
Join Zoom Meeting every Wednesday at 9 pm:
Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 838 9724 7047
Passcode: 883322
One tap mobile +16699006833,,83897247047#,,,,*883322#
Dial in (audio only): +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 838 9724 7047
Passcode: 883322
Find your local number:

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Surprise Independent article about June 16th P&Z meeting

Your outstanding efforts to show up were recognized and Richard Smith did a great job here covering the events of the June 16th Planning & Zoning Commission here covering all the voices that were active that night.

This video was posted when the first proposal came in 2021