You're unbelievable!!! ... 110% = 5,509 signatures

September 16, 2022
We had hours upon hours of time taken by volunteers to reach out to our community for support, and in just 15 days:

* 125 unique volunteers submitted signature sheets
* 5,509 signatures were collected and notarized with a requirement of 3,114
* Tomorrow will we submit 177% of the required signatures for this referendum

As we reflect on this journey together, two things come to mind:
* Take back time again to spend with your families and loved ones enjoying your time with them
* Get back to serving in our community as you've done before or maybe as you've been longing to do more of going forward

The poor representation by our city leadership has been extremely disruptive to our lives--for some of us dating back well over a year ago now. The citizens of Surprise would not have been required to submit this referendum were it not for this lack of representation in the chambers of our City Hall. We have more to do in this area together; this referendum has taught us how we can make those impacts, and we will take the necessary actions in order to give place again for the voice of the people to direct our city government in Surprise.

In the meantime, love your families, your friends, and give back to our community in the many ways you have and will continue to do. Thank you for showing us all what a great force for good we can be together, and that no enemy can silence the Voice of Surprise.

Click here for info to Donate or Help at your local Food Bank -- the need is 4x what it was a year ago!!!

Progress to 5000+

Updated Friday, September 16, 12:47 am

NOTE:  Thanks for all your financial help in getting past our goal of $3000 to get packets prepared and printed. We ended up spending all of that and a little more for 130 additional copies made. Our site is still up here for those many of you who have offered to help. Some funds may get applied to our next venture as the Voice of Surprise--otherwise it will be used to help a local food bank.


Fri. Sept. 16 - 454 of 334 (136%) packets needed for 5000 signatures distributed.


405 of 454 Returned & Notarized Packets


5509 of 5000 (110%)  signatures Notarized & Returned

You might want to know a bit more about Dominium who will be building and managing these apartments...

Learn more at

Let's get to 5000+ by Thurs. Sept. 15th

Click here for "The Facts"

We are uniting as a community to drive Dominium to provide a better alternate proposal for their future residents with lower density and more amenities--instead they wish to exploit an accidental loophole in the 2008 PAD and maximize their profit under Section 42 and LIHTC with a whopping 21 units per acre--that's way above anything this City has ever seen--just to maximize profits with no consideration for the safety, comfort, and living experience of its future residents. This kind of density will be dangerous to public safety and emergency response and there are no plans to add more schools which are already overcrowded in our area.

On August 16th (
thanks to those who showed up) our City Leaders said yes to Dominium. We only have 30 days from that date and the referendum CAN STOP IT but we need everyone's help gathering signatures together to do it. PLEASE TAKE OUT A SIGNATURE SHEET. 

On Jun 16th the P&Z Commission Meeting (thanks to those who attended) said they couldn't vote against this because the law didn't let them.

You can still contact your City Council Member, and let them know that the people of Surprise will no longer tolerate our leadership not listening to us. Get your neighbors and friends to sign the referendum TODAY so we send a clear message back to City Hall that their power and authority lies with us, the people.

Sign Here & Volunteer to help us get 5000 by FRIDAY (Sept. 16th) of your signatures on the referendum to get the vote back to the people.
high rise buildings city scape photography

What has Dominium been saying about YOU and our City Leaders? The Phoenix Business Journal tells us...

Despite Dominium grossly abusing an unintended loophole allowing them under the 2008 PAD Zoning to put have 15-21 units per acre, they are pushing the max at 21.

"Despite our best efforts to work with the community, we feel the city has created roadblocks to us utilizing the existing PAD zoning and that we are not being treated equitably compared to other projects with similar PAD zoning approvals from the same era," [Owen] Metz [of Dominium] said. "Instead, the city's actions appear to be more of a direct response to strong NIMBYism — not the fair and equitable application of zoning laws."

"Dominium hitting glitches with Surprise" by Angela Gonzalez - Phoenix Business Journal

Wednesdays 9 pm Zoom calls: 
After Sept. 16th, we'll plan to meet weekly at 9 pm (so we can give our kids the evenings they deserve) while we determine a path forward for our group and monitor the referendum status too. Meeting links will be posted here below at
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Surprise Independent article about June 16th P&Z meeting

Your outstanding efforts to show up were recognized and Richard Smith did a great job here covering the events of the June 16th Planning & Zoning Commission here covering all the voices that were active that night.

This video was posted when the first proposal came in 2021